Tactic Air Drone Review: Foldable 4K Resolution Drone

 Overview of Tactic Air Drone

Despite the misleading ads that drones can shoot 4K video, the Tactic Air Drone is a fairly powerful drone, most of which is up-to-date. For less than $ 100, you can get a foldable drone with an HD digital camera on the front and another 480p digital camera on the abdomen. Besides, there are some fraudulent flight modes and about 20 minutes flight time. Although the drone is respected by beginners, its exaggerated mileage is reliable. If you want higher options, click the inexperienced button and try a great list of drones for less than $100.

I didn’t think I could buy an HD camera drone for less than $100, but that’s not the case with the Tactic Air Drone. FHD camera drones usually cost over $500, so when I saw the Tactic Air Drone selling for less than $ 100, I had to write a review about it.

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Let me tell you, this drone is an absolute bargain and its camera is not the only good feature that makes you flatter. If you’re looking for a cheap FHD camera drone with advanced features, read this Tactic Air Drone review to find out why everyone is crazy about this new drone.

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Tactic Air Drone Review

The first thing you’ll notice about this drone is its foldable design, which allows you to travel around the drone without any problems. It’s actually compact enough to fit in a big bag and lightweight enough to fit comfortably.

The collapsible 3D design follows in the footsteps of well-known competitors such as the DJI Mavic and Parrot Anafi series, with one major difference, but without the large price tag that comes with these drones.

The drone comes with a cool carrying case that is clearly made of carbon and has a luxurious feel. In addition to the drone, it comes with a smart battery, four additional screws, a USB cable for charging, and a manual.

One thing I need to clarify is that the drone is advertised to come with a 4K camera, but the actual quality isn’t, it’s HD, and the images and photos are decent. , It’s not 4K.

It’s still a bargain for less than $ 100 and comes with some advanced features that make flying this drone a fun experience for both beginners and experienced pilots.

Tactic air drone camera

  • The Tactic Air Drone comes with dual cameras, with the main HD camera on the front and the 480p camera on its
  • The HD camera can be tilted 90 ° with the remote control, and the lens has a 120 ° FOV for a wide field of
  • This is the best feature of this drone, the image and video quality is decent for less than $
  • Through the drone application, you can stream video material directly to your smartphone to edit and share videos and images on social
  • The second camera can also be streamed directly to the smartphone, but the image quality and video quality are not very good. Since both cameras can stream video to your smartphone at the same time, you will see two video streams on your screen at the same time, but this is not recommended as it will drain the battery
  • The drone comes with a 6-axis gyro that improves flight stability and minimizes distortion, enabling higher-quality images and


Intelligent flight mode

Smart flight mode was previously only available on the most expensive drone models, but fortunately drone technology is growing so fast that even cheaper drones like the Tactic Air drone can fly easily. Equipped with a smart flight mode that makes it easy and fun.


Follow Me Mode: This flight mode locks the drone in place and sets it to follow. The drone’s sensor connects to the transmitter and automatically tracks the carrier. In-flight mode is so cute that you can impress your family and friends. You can also take cool selfies and record every move. Great flight mode for walking and cycling.

Orbit mode: This is the actual hands-free flight mode. You can draw a flight route within the drone application and the drone will follow that route back. Both flight modes are easy to use and are ideal for beginners. Using the camera in both modes makes it much easier to take and take pictures.

Gesture Control: Another cute feature of this drone is that you can control it with simple hand gestures. This feature only works when the drone is very close, but it’s a great way to take pictures, especially selfies.

Remote controller

  • The Tactic Air Drone controller is small and easy to use, with easy access to all controls and a smartphone attachment at the bottom. There are buttons for takeo” and landing and buttons for taking videos and photos.
  • The cruising range is not surprising at about 100m, but it is within the normal range of the drone in that price
  • You can also control the drone through an application available on your Android The application o”ers a variety of features, including the smart flight mode mentioned above, and can even stream live video to your smartphone.


Flight time

  • For affordable drones, the Tactic Air Drone has a surprisingly long flight time, taking 15-20 minutes on a single charge. For drones under $ 100, that’s pretty good. Please be aware that flying in windy conditions will reduce flight time. Drones are small and light, so we recommend that you do not fly in bad
  • It takes more than two hours to charge the drone, but it’s a bit disappointing as we currently can’t buy additional batteries
Final idea
It’s a decent drone, but the hype is on, there’s no 4K camera, it’s probably 720p, and the image and video quality are good. The claim about this drone is exaggerated and there are far better options at similar prices. Click the button below to see a list of the best drones under $ 100.

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