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Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum

Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum:

With basic map control and a self-emptying base, the Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum has features of a much more expensive robot vacuum. It cleans well for everyday dust, too. The flip side is that the app is a bit basic and edge cleaning performance isn’t the best, but these may be tradeoffs you can accept for relatively hassle-free operation.


Robot vacuum cleaners are only self-sufficient to a point: they need their small bins to be emptied regularly. The Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum with Self-Empty Base solves that with a self-emptying base that sucks dust out of the robot into a larger dust cup.

More intelligence, including map control, than the basic Shark robots, this is a good mid-range robot with a great price: it’s cheaper than many high-end robot vacuum cleaners that don’t have the self-emptying capabilities.

Design and features

  • Chunky base with large dust cup
  • Basic map control and no-go areas
  • Simple app

Unbox the Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum and it’s the huge base that stands out. As with iRobot i7+, the large base is there because it contains both a dust cup and a vacuum to suck dirt out of the robot when it docks. You can see the connector at the bottom of the dock, which creates a secure connection to the robot for dust removal. It’s a little like a shuttle docking at a space station.

  • While iRobot uses disposable bags in its self-emptying base, Shark has used a bagless dust cup instead. This just pulls out of the side and flips open at the bottom when you need to empty it. As there’s no bag, there’s no ongoing cost to running this vacuum cleaner. This bin holds up to 30 days of dust and debris in Shark’s words.
  • Aside from the self-emptying base, the Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum is a rather standard robot vacuum cleaner. As with most models, it’s round (3.5 x 12.9 x 12.6in) and quite low: it will fit under a lot of furniture without too much hassle.
  • Make sure that the mapping runs are done with the maximum amount of space exposed and obstacles removed.
  • Once the Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum has made a map, you can partition it into rooms, and set no-go zones. Shark also includes some magnetic tape in the box if you want a physical barrier on the floor.
  • With your map and rooms created, you can build schedules and tell the robot not only when to clean, but where to clean.

Key Features

  • Type this is a robot vacuum cleaner. Its base automatically empties the robot’s dust cup into a larger one, making this largely maintenance-free cleaning.
  • ConnectionYou can control this robot vacuum cleaner using the app, Amazon
    Alexa or Google Assistant


  • Well priced.
  • Decent navigation.
  • Cleans regular dirt well.


  • The map needs managing carefully.
  • Edge performance could be better.


  • Gets the basics right.
  • Edge performance could be better.
  • Self-emptying is excellent.

As this robot has a degree of proper navigation, it’s a more able mover than the dumber Shark ION. That said, it did manage to get itself stuck between the wheels of an office chair the first time out; moving the chair away from a wall a little fixed that issue.

Generally, navigation was good and the robot made its way around my test area without a problem. As its bin gets full, the Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum will make the occasional visit to the base to suck out dirt from the dust cup. And, as the robot knows when it’s covered the map area, it will return to the dock when it’s finished cleaning.

To test the Shark EZ Self Empty Vacuum out, I used my standard tests. I started with the carpet test, sprinkling a teaspoon of flour onto my carpet. After a complete cycle, most of the dust was gone, although it left a chunk of dust behind where coverage wasn’t so good.

Final Thoughts

Its app is a little basic but gets the main features right, while the robot vacuum cleaner will cope with everyday messes with ease. If you want more performance, mopping, better mapping, and excellent edge performance, the Roborock S7 is a more accomplished cleaner. For other alternatives, check out my guide to the best robot vacuum cleaner.

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