Qinux Brick Pro – Solar Bluetooth Speaker, REVIEW, Price & Buy?

Is anyone worried about a possible power outage? It is important to have another plan in place if there is a power outage, whether it is caused by bad weather, energy pressure, or whatever. A flashlight can be bought anywhere, but isn’t it a permanent solution? What should I do if the batteries are not charged? One needs a different solution, and if it has more features, it’s even better! You may want to consider using Qinux Brick Pro. It is a practical item that comes in three different sizes: flashlight, speaker, and radio.

These portable chargers allow anyone to charge your phone on the go. Such portable chargers can also be used on our cell phones, tablets, Nintendo Switch consoles, and laptops as needed. A portable battery charger such as the Qinux Brick Pro can meet the power requirements of any device. Qinux Brick Pro was primarily developed for smartphones and Android devices, although it can be used on other electronic devices. With four adapter ports, multiple devices can be connected at the same time and they will all charge at the same time. This method also helps reduce clutter and unnecessary cables.

This Qinux Brick Pro review contains detailed information that can help anyone make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase this smart upload tool.

Qinux Brick Pro – what is it?

  • The Qinux Brick Pro is a small device that weighs about 450 grams (less than a pound).
  • Qinux Brick Pro is a versatile device that includes a battery, two flashlights, AM / FM radio, Bluetooth speakers, Trans Flash (TF) card reader, compass, and S.O.S. knob!
  • It contains a long-lasting battery that allows it to be used even when electricity is not available for lighting, listening to music, and charging the device.
  • Qinux Brick Pro Solar allows you to use solid technological equipment.

Benefits of Qinux Brick Pro

  1. Charge your mobile devices wherever they are with a 5000mAh battery that is twice the size of a mobile phone!
  2. Charge the gadget with a solar panel, alternator, or charging cable.
  3. Two lamps with different wattages provide the best light for the need.
  4. Thanks to the 12 cm antenna, you can listen to music and analog radio wherever you are; the volume and strength of the bass will surprise you.

Main advantages

  • Portable charger for all devices: Charge your portable devices anywhere with a 5000mAh battery that is twice the size of a mobile phone!
  • There are three charging options: charge the Qinux Brick Pro with a solar panel, alternator, or charging cable.
  • Double lamp: There are two lamps with different wattages that provide the best possible light for human needs.
  • FM / AM speaker and radio: With a 12 cm antenna, you can listen to music or analog radio wherever you are; the power and volume of the bass will amaze the user!
  • Waterproof device: This is an IP68 certified device that is opaque to water or particles.
  • Magnetic compass and high-performance alarm: A high-performance alarm and magnetic compass are included for personal safety when camping or walking.

Additional features

It is completely waterproof.

As the product is not a source of water, you can take it anywhere, even if you discover the landscape or relax by the pool. The front speaker is IP68, which means that it is protected from various external variables that may interfere with its operation.

SOS. compass

The facility is equipped with the most advanced capabilities to meet the requirements of survival, whether in the desert or in recovery from catastrophic weather. In case of emergency, the magnetic compass and also the S.O.S. warning button.

Speaker and radio

It has AM / FM radio and Bluetooth speakers let you know and understand wherever you are. The device has the most connectivity, so one is constantly updated and informed, no matter where one is located.

The battery can be moved.

Qinux Brick is a portable battery. The battery also charges quickly, allowing it to stay charged at all times.

How can you use Qinux Brick Pro?

  • Product features allow for the following tasks:
  • It can work as a flashlight.
  • This product can trade and charge additional gadgets.
  • It can function as an information radio as an entertainment radio and has a compass. In case of emergency, S.O.S. buttons.

The Final Words

One does not know when a source of light and information is needed when the power goes out. Everyone should have a power backup plan and feel protected even when they are away from home when the power goes out. If you need a reliable, multifunctional gadget, consider purchasing Qinux Brick Pro