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FitnessPRO is one of the most affordable gadget now a days in a whole world, the FitnessPRO keeps you up to date with all your health related issues or problems, and as you know all the people in the world are health conscious, you can use this FitnessPRO in a many or different different ways in your daily routine, you can use this FitnessPRO to track your exercising progress(routine), the FitnessPRO sends you daily updates about your exercise and if you are doing workout in a wrong way so it reminds you the perfect way.
you can easily got updates about your blood pressure level by this amazing FitnessPRO, and also you can measure your heartbeat and step walked also. The FitnessPro also shows you how much calories you consumed in a whole day by performing different different types of workout like jogging, walking, exercising, cycling etc.

How the FitnessPRO Tracker works?
FitnessPRO invented with the latest advanced technology for all type of generations or all type of people’s that’s are health conscious.
the display of FitnessPRO bracelet shows you many things in a proper way you can easily see what’s your pulse rate, heart rate, how much kilometres you walked in a whole day and if something is wrong in your health so it urgently gives you a reminder or send data immediately to its wearer.

Features of FitnessPRO
You can easily use this amazing FitnessPRO tracker in a daily life and the most amazing thing about the FitnessPRO doesn’t matter how old are you and how young are you everyone use this.
here are some interesting features of FitnessPRO
 • You can easily connect your smartphone with FitnessPRO and also you can operate it with your Smartphone
 • You can easily check your pulse rate within a second
 • You can also track your heartbeat or heart-rate
 • Everyone can use this easily
 • You can also check your bloood pressure level within a second
 • You can easily connect FitnessPro with Android and iOS easily this Fitness Pro compatible in both
 • It also gives you a alert when you are inactive and doing your excercise in a wrong way
 • Big display that’s shows you easily all the things of your smartphone
 • You can also see your smartphone notification in this FitnessPro and also answering phone calls just to tap on

Why you need this FitnessPRO?
You know in this time your health is the most common thing that plays an important role in whole life and everyone want to be healthy and health conscious and no body wants to take medicines and no body wants any type of disease in life. So if you really want to be healthy so this FitnessPRO really help you in a mamy ways.
How many calories you consumed in a week or in a day, how many steps you walked it will show you all time data you can easily see this data at the end of day, at the end of week, at the end of month. The FitnessPRO tells yiu everything about your health and your body, if your blood pressure or pluse rate are low or high, it will immediately sends you a reminder and if you are feeling not well so also you can track your pulse rate, blood-pressure and many more things, with this you can easily find out why are you not feeling well. You can also track how active you are in a week or in a day and in which day of a week you are the most active.

Specifications of FitnessPRO
 • Big display ( with its display you can easily see your notification your walked and many more things)
 • Waterproof ( it has IP67 rating it means yiu can wear it at the time of swiming and also at the time of raining or in rainy season?
 • Good battery life ( bigger battery life means high backup, and also low charging time)
 • Connect your smartphone ( you can also operate your smartphone with this while your smartphone is in your pocket or charging, you can see your phone notification in this amazing FitnessPro)

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