Drone Xtreme Reviews- Portable, Fast, High Quality Drone

Interested in photography? Experience a whole new way to click photos using the revolutionary
Drone Xtreme.

This Drone Xtreme is specially designed for people who love to capture memorable
moments. This easy-to-use drone is an amazing device that is sure to become a must have in the
near future. So, isn’t it better to grab it right now? Let’s explore.
Shoot like a Pro
Perfect your selfies with your very own Drone Xtreme 720 pro.

You can even shoot videos like a
professional with this Drone Xtreme pro.
Though there is a wide range of smartphones available in the market that comes with some good
quality camera, this device is sure to change your perception of photography.

Drone Xtreme can capture 360 degree photos from air. It can give you an aerial view with just one click.

It is a light weight drone and can be folded into the size of a large smartphone. It will
comfortably fit in a small bag.

How to use?
It is absolutely easy to set up this device. Just in 3 steps your drone will be ready to use
1) Scan the QR code (given in the manual).
2) Install the app.
3) Plug in the battery and connect through Wi-Fi to your drone.
And you are ready to fly this amazing Xtreme Drone 720 pro.
The drone can be controlled via iOS or Android.
This device is extremely user friendly. With such an easy setup module it also very easy to fly it in the air.

It comes with incredibly easy and smooth controls. Once you are in the air you can use the built-
in camera to capture awesome photos and to amaze everyone else out there.
This device comes with much more amazing features:
 • It has a speed of 12 m/s and a top transmission range of 2km.
 •  It comes with an Altitude Hold Mode which locks the height of the drone so that it can hover
steadily at one spot.
 •  It can also be controlled using the joystick and a VR kit.
 • The propellers fold inwards to make the drone easy to carry.
 •  It comes with built-in sensors to prevent collisions.

With the high quality camera there is so much to gain. But there is one more feature that is sure to
surprise all – The Price. This gadget is designed to fit in your budget and deliver you a high-end
experience in photography.

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